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Why Branding is Worth the Investment

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not cheap, nor are a lot of other qualtity designers. Thoughtful, custom branding is hard work on both ends, so the cost of quality branding is definitely reflects that. But, with quality branding, you will see a return on your investment. In other words, it is so, so worth it.

1. Good Looking Brands = Positive Reinforcement

Now, more than ever, we are visual shoppers. We all buy things because of pretty packaging or a well-decorated space. If you want your ideal client to take you seriously as a professional option for the service or product they are searching for, then you need to look the part. Having a beautiful, consistent brand helps convince potential clients that you have your stuff together and you’re a legit option.

2. Only one chance to make a first impression

You get ONE chance to make an impression with a potential client. If you’re rocking the DIY logo or website and it’s obviously DIY, it might scare ideal clients off. Are your products/services of quality? Make sure your branding is too!

3. DIY brands look tacky - even if your products or services are not.

There. I said it. It’s true! If you have beautiful products or quality services but a crappy brand,  you are sending a mixed signal to a potential client. They might think “They have gorgeous work, but they don’t invest in their own business. How can I trust them?” or “Why should I invest in them if they can’t invest in themselves?” Think about it. It’s like self care.

4. A pro designer will keep it consistent

Often, DIY brands are not consistent. They tend to use different fonts, graphics, etc. across all fronts. Your potential clients either (a) think your business is messy/unorganized or (b) don’t remember you at all. As a professional branding expert, I am adamant that your brand is cohesive in order to be memorable to your customers.

5. You brand is unique. Your branding needs to be as well.

The whole point in branding is to impose a particular feeling in your client’s mind about your business. You want to be memorable. When investing in good branding, you should be  receiving custom work. If your designer is just using downloaded fonts or graphics for you logo, guess what? You won’t be unique. A good logo uses custom typography and graphic elements perfected just for you. 


Another sign of a cheap brand: being too trendy. Remember the days of watercolor logos with that Pinterest calligraphy font? (you know the one) Yeah. Those were “trendy” at one time too. And now they’re all in desperate need of a rebrand within a couple of years.  Think about that when you’re looking at those minimal beige brands that are already on their way out right now. 

6. Quality Branding allows you to market to ideal client

If you want to successfully market to your ideal client you need a visual brand that they can connect with. You need someone to help you focus on what will attract your clients visually, not just what you like.

7. You have to spend money to make money.

It’s cliche for a reason. Why is it that you can expect someone to pay money for your service or products and you won’t spend the money to brand yourself? It’s business self care.

Ready to have quality, custom branding for your business?