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starter logo package

Just starting out and want a logo to begin promoting your brand in a stylish way, but you’re not ready for a fully styled business? If yes, then this starter package is for you.

After an initial interview via phone, I get an idea of your business and what your style is. From there, I create a mood board to display inspiration for the design. Then, I’ll present a couple of options for your logo to refine to create your final package.

This package is perfect for solopreneurs such as independent hair stylists, makeup artists, small boutique owners and more. 

investment: $950

payment schedule: 50% due before work begins, 50% due before delivery of final package.

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• 30 minute introductory interview

• 2 x Logo Concepts & 3 Rounds of refinements

• Final files for print & web (jpg, png, pdf)


• Primary logo only

• Mood board

• 1 Social media profile picture

essential branding package

Developing a strong brand presence is essential for any successful business. I believe in creating logos that have a timeless edge, with branding that provides a solid foundation for your business to thrive. Every part of my design process is designed custom with you in mind.



Through an initial interview, I will determine what makes your business unique. I will then do market research as well as collect inspiration images. These images are then arranged in a mood board that serves as a visual roadmap for the next steps.


I will create three killer logo concepts for your business that truly allows you to stand out from your competition. I will define your brand colors and fonts. On completion I will happily hand over all of the files you will require, as well as a Branding Board, to assist you in communicating a consistent message to your audience.



Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Investment: $1450

payment schedule: 50% due before work begins, 50% due before delivery of final package.

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• 1 hour introductory interview

• 5 x Logo Concepts & 5 Rounds of refinements

• Final files organized by usage: print or web/screen (jpg, png, pdf, eps)


• Primary logo, submark, alternate, icon

• Mood board

• Business card design (printing not included)

• Social media profile pictures

• 1 x Facebook banner

• Website Favicon

Brand Guidelines

• Brand Research

• Recommended Logo Usage + Clear Space

• Custom Color Palette

• Typography Selection + Hierarchy

branding FAQs

With the rapid development of a highly individualised society, the brand you create for yourself is the single most predominant way you can elevate yourself in the spheres of influence. If you are beginning to think about branding it’s imperative that you truly understand that branding is not only the means by which people remember you but it is also how you stand out from the crowd. Branding is more than a slick logo, it is how you present yourself both online and offline.

When you begin to strategize your brand you really want to think about the customer experience in its entirety. Everything from the logo, to the website design and flow, to social media user experiences, to the way you answer the phone and to the way your customer’s experience and interact with your staff.

Good branding is an absolute necessity in today’s world. Good branding can be the difference between a company thriving or failing. A strong brand presence represents the sum of people’s perception of a company’s customer service, reputation, advertising and logo. One of the major attributes of branding is establishing a strong logo, because as the “face” of the business this is what people instantly regonise. A sleek logo design is adequate enough to leave a strong impression but powerful enough to leave an imprint in the mind of the client.

It’ crucial to be conscious of the brand experience you are offering a good brand doesn’t just happen, it is a well thought out strategic plan. Remember: in today’s technological world your are no longer competing on a local stage, your business now competes in a thriving global economy.

Once we have had our initial meeting, we expect our clients to be ready to enter into the working relationship together. That means we require content from you when requested so that we can adhere to the timeframe. Be ready with your ideas, your vision and any concerns you have!

Who are my customers?

What customers do I want to have?

Who are my competitors?

What is my competitors’ brand position?

What problem does my company solve? Does anybody care?

What is my value proposition? Is it distinctive? Is it relevant to my customers?

When people think about my company or product, what are the feelings and associations I want them to have? Are they unique? Can we “own” them?

What are the functional benefits that we deliver to our customers?

What are the emotional benefits that only we deliver to our customers?

What kind of personality will my brand have?

No problem. We use Skype as 80% of our communication with clients and only 20% in person. Everything we do can be done online – meetings, draft emails, file sharing, amendment comments, time tracking, you name it! We work with clients all over the globe and are happy to Skype (or Zoom) early in the morning or late at night depending on your requirements.

the design process

Step One: Let's Get to Know Each Other

First, I want to know more about you and your business. I want to know how you began, what influences you, what do you see for the future, and how your personal taste/style influences what you’d like to reflect in your brand. In order for a brand to resonate with consumers, it must have a well-defined, intentionally constructed brand identity. And, I believe that starts with the owner herself. 

Step Two: Inspiration to Mood Board

In laying the foundation in the design process, mood boards are a crucial factor for success. Mood boards are a tried and tested timesaving creative device. They give a clear idea of the visual style, the image structure and also the color spectrum. Well-elaborated mood boards serve as translators of thoughts and emotions so that a visual consistent collage of pictures is the result. They can serve many purposes, starting with organizing the inspiration around a project. They can be a valuable resource throughout the design project, to help keep the style and aesthetic consistent and on track with your goals and expectations.

Step Three - Four: Logo Creation

Now that we have the brand strategy defined, I’ll begin brainstorming, sketching, and conceptualizing.

This is the longest part of the process, as I create three custom logo concepts for your to review. After receiving your feedback, we work through three rounds of refinement until you absolutely love your logo, AND it perfectly represents your brand.

Step Four: Final Delivery

The process is now complete and you I am ready to send you the files. Yay! love delivering jaw-dropping, sleek designs that you just cannot wait to share with the world. Along with your branding board, you will receive all of the file extensions you need to implement your logo design successfully. Some of these include jpeg, eps, pdf, and png. All the color variants for the logo will be delivered including full color, black, and white, and any Pantone colors used. The logo will be delivered in variable sizes, ensuring that you are all set to move forward.

In addition to your logo files, you will receive brand color codes, fonts files, and any patterns created as part of your new brand.

I collaborate with a vast range of clients, from boutique start-ups to larger companies and solopreneurs. Are you ready to start your next project?